We Are Cigar Rings

With more than 50 years of experience in the graphic design market, Cigar Rings specializes in the fabrication of rings, decorative paper for wooden boxes, carton cases, and everything related to decorating tobacco products. Our origins are European, but since 2005 we have been operating in the Dominican Republic with world class machinery in a state of the art factory.

All of our personnel are equipped with an extensive six-month training program in Europe where they learn the highly specialized techniques that ensure the quality standards set forth since the origins of our company.

Albert Montserrat, President of Cigar Rings, moved to Santiago, Dominican Republic in the year 2005. In 1956, his father, Florencio Montserrat, founded “Comercial Relieve S.A.”, a company dedicated to high-quality graphic arts.

In 1983, Comercial Relieve began making rings for companies such as Cigar Canarias, Tabacalera Española and Habanos S.A. From the years 1994 to 2000, we operated a factory in La Habana, Cuba through a joint venture with the Cuban state’s Creacions Gráficas.

Currently, Cigar Rings is renowned as the best graphic design company in the cigar industry. We relocated our factory to Santiago, Dominican Republic in order to be closer to our clients, respond to their needs more quickly, communicate more effectively, and improve our prices while speeding up delivery times.

From the beginning, Cigar Rings incorporated Miguel Pascual as a partner in the company, with recognizable experience in the pre impression sector in Barcelona, Spain. Also included was our dear partner Jaime Moix, who left us after a long illness but will always be remembered for his generous friendship and commitment. Jaime, Miguel and Albert; a childhood friendship made to last.

In April 2013, Cigar Rings opens a contact office for the clients in Esteli, Nicaragua through our representative and personal friend, Sancho Oset, in Plaza Angela Molina. In January 2014, we installed an engraving shop in order to satisfy the market of manufacturers of wood boxes for tabaco in Esteli with the latest machinery and technology available in the market.

Our steadfastness in adapting to and implementing new innovations in the graphic design world ensures quality and precision through modern techniques and helps keep us ahead of the curve. Cigar Rings not only aims to maintain a high standard, but to set a standard for the industry that we love.

– We will answer all inquiries within 24 hours.

– We operate in Eastern Standard Time.

– We will gladly communicate in whichever language you feel most comfortable with.

-We take several measures to prevent counterfeiting. All defective papers and rings are destroyed immediately and every process in our factory is monitored by surveillance equipment 24/7.